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THE BRAND / Extraco LINC, which stands for Leadership, Innovation, Networking and Community, brings together a variety of resources to help businesses grow and positively impact the Central Texas community. We want to walk alongside you in your business journey, whether that is through utilizing our business tools and templates or meeting one-on-one with our Small Business Bankers. 


CLIENT REQUEST / Create a colorful and creative microsite for Extraco Bank's newest initiative - Extraco LINC, using the primary Extraco sourcecode for all sections featured. As the microsite is essentially a reskin, rather than redesign, it is essential to utilize the provided LINC logo and brand textures to give the pages their own brand and personality, while still maintaining the general essence of the primary Extraco brand.


DELIVERABLES / Reskin the Extraco design features to create a new and exciting microsite for the LINC initiative. This project went directly to high fidelity wireframes, due to time constraints on the project. 


YEAR / 2022

DESIGN LINKS / Microsite Design

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