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THE BRAND / Working within their parent company, Independent Security Evaluators, Start is a (SaaS) third-party, multi-portal vendor risk and assessment management tool that unifies people and processes in order to make better risk decisions, faster. 


CLIENT REQUEST / Enhance the product's UX/UI for a more intuitive, simplified user experience. In addition, the client requested a comprehensive branding suite to enhance the product's outreach and entice their current clients to connect to the product and brand identity.


As Start's inherited source code is non-responsive and consists of five individual platforms, the updated product designs are built in an effort to allow users a responsive experience, as well as the ability to transition between all product platforms from one, simplified interface.

DELIVERABLES / In 2023, Start finalized its first ever initiative to deviate from Independent Security Evaluators and create its own unique brand identity. This effort includes a variety of digital collateral including website, social media, educational and promotional materials, updated product design and more.


YEAR / 2022-2023


PRODUCT DESIGNS / Start Enterprise (Old) / Start Basic UX/UI (New) Mobile App UX/UI (New)


BRAND WEBSITE UX/UI / Current Website Designs / Wireframes / Initial Homepage Concepts / New Website

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