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THE BRAND / Start is a (SaaS) third-party, vendor risk and assessment management tool that unifies people and processes in order to make better risk decisions, faster. 


Unlike its competitors, Start is a multi-portal platform. It includes five unique, specialized apps that work together to create a streamlined workflow and user experience. The platform connects all departments within medium to large companies with robust workflows through one platform to protect vulnerable data and secure their bottom line when working with a wide range of vendors and third-parties.


In 2019, Start was acquired from Disney by Baltimore's Independent Security Evaluators. The product is currently under development to transition away from the Disney source code, as is required, by contract to fully deviate from the source code by the end of 2024. As of 2023, Start is used by major companies, such as Amazon, Disney, Paramount, WarnerMedia, Apple and more.


CLIENT REQUEST / Enhance the UX/UI to create a better, simpler experience for our clients, while creating a tighter connection between the product and Start's new branding. Create a full, comprehensive brand suite, including new product, new communication platforms and a new website that shows off its branding and helps to sell Start to a variety of new audiences.

DELIVERABLES / In 2023, Start finalized its first official brand guideline and has been working to update all brand collateral since early 2022. With this in mind, Start is currently building a brand new website, is set to launch its own social media channels in March 2023, is updating all educational and promotional materials and is building a brand new product, per the client request and contractual requirements, as shown below.


YEAR / 2022-Current


NOTES / The current, inherited app designs, are non-responsive and function on five, individual platforms; however, the new, approved app designs are under construction and showcase the Admin and Vendor Platforms until the product receives full funding to complete the full design buildout. 


The new app designs have been created in an effort to allow users a responsive experience, as well as the ability to toggle between all product platforms from one, simplified interface.


CURRENT APP DESIGNS / Admin / Vendor / Roster / Assessor Portal / Mobile (Tablet) App


NEW APP DESIGNS / Admin and Vendor / Mobile (Tablet) App


WEBSITE DESIGN LINKS / Current Website / New Sitemap and Wireframes / New Homepage Concepts (Under Leadership Review)

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