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THE BRAND / For over 100 years, Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards has been a family run business, focusing on good company and great fruit for all to enjoy. Since 1975, Beak & Skiff has been open to the community selling delicious family-friendly treats from their a pick-your-own orchard, Country Store and bake shop. Following the orchard's success, in 2001, Beak & Skiff announced their new, premium line of tasty hard ciders, spirits, and wines called 1911 Spirits.


CLIENT REQUEST / Design a logo and seal that represents our orchard's long, family history in New York State, that can be used across our products and promotional materials, found throughout our orchard, country store, bake shop and barn, as well as a secondary logo for use on our premium line of 1911 Spirits. In addition, design an antiqued, vintage style label for our 1911 Vodka and 1911 Gin that embraces our brand's long-standing relationship with the community, with design elements that can be reutilized for a variety of wines and spirits that we hope to create in the future.


DELIVERABLES / Logo Design (Company & Product), Brand Identity, Packaging Design

YEAR / 2012-2013

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