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THE BRAND / The National Apartment Association envisions a world where rental housing is a valued partner in every community. NAA is the leading voice for the rental housing industry and as a trusted partner, valued connector and a powerful advocate, we are committed to serving 141 state, local and global affiliates, over 92,000 members and more than 11 million apartment homes globally.


CLIENT REQUEST / Create a new, sleek website design with a strong focus on the user experience. The primary objective of this website redesign was to build a strategy around what the NAA could do for their clients, create a simplified sitemap for the user to navigate, promote NAA's top tier services, annual events and more. NAA provided a simple brand guideline with elements that served as inspiration for this UX/UI; however, the site was built with a slight 'twist' to achieve a modern, friendly, yet corporate aesthetic.


DELIVERABLES / Website Strategy & Design


AWARD WINNING DESIGN / 2022 dotCOMM Gold Award for Excellence in Web Creativity and Digital Communication


YEAR / 2022

DESIGN LINKS / Original Website Design / Initial Design OptionsWireframe / Final Website Design

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